27 Dec 2012

New Year, New Everything

25 Nov 2012


13 Oct 2012

Sandro meet Zara: The search for a winter coat

I haven't bought a winter coat in years. I used to buy one (or three) every year, but it soon got ridiculous and I had more coats than cold days - hard to imagine when living in London, right?

I gave the coats a break and spent my sheckles on other things.

Now, the time has come when a new winter coat is in order [insert choir of shopping angels here].

I tried a few on in good ol' H&M (or as I like to call it - Hennes. Y'know, its proper name!), Topshop, and the usual high street haunts, but nothing was screaming 'BUY ME!'. I feared I had lost my coat shopping mojo. Woe is me. Think of the cold!

However, on a trip to NYC, I saw it. The One. The Sandro Michigan Bis coat hanging resplendently in Bloomingdales (or as I like to call it - Bloomies). I mean just look at it...

Did I buy it? NO! Unfortunately, its $810 price tag was a bit to hefty for my wallet, so I had to walk away. I may have shed a tear but I don't think anyone saw.

I tried to forget about Sandro, but I couldn't. Images of outfits that could have been played on my mind. Oh the adventures we could have had. Alas.

Then whilst walking past Zara one day, staring back at me was my coat. It looked like the Sandro, but obviously was not. Next thing I know, I was at the till buying it. Oh the joy it brought me. Screw you buyers remorse, you're not welcome here!

I've since seen loads of other retailers doing 'Sandro-esque' coats but I love my Zara one. I think it's the best 'inspired' version - obviously. God bless the high street!

Here we are after a day out together (ignore my awkward face)...

1 Oct 2012

A Walk To Remember

The title of this post does not refer to the soppy Mandy Moore movie. If you were looking for that, I am sorry to disappoint.

Instead, I am talking about the Shine Walk : Half Marathon I did at the weekend. Along with some family and friends, we walked 13.1 miles around London town, starting and ending at Battersea Power Station, whilst taking in some of London's iconic sights along the way.

I think I got all caught up in Olympic fever and the (dis)illusion of being an athlete when I signed up and subsequently roped everyone into doing this walk.

After 'training' for about 6 weeks (i.e. walking to work and occasionally back home again) we undertook the epic walk and finished in 4 hours and 26 minutes.

I must say even though my right knee is currently throbbing, I'm glad I did it, especially in support of such a great cause - Cancer Research.

Would I do it again next year? Probably. Even though the Three Peaks Challenge has also been bandied about as an idea. Hmmmm.

For our walking efforts, we've raised over £700 (wooo hoo and thank you!). I know you don't know me, but if you want to donate you still can  - http://www.justgiving.com/mightywalkingpowerrangers.

P.S Did I mention our walking team name was: THE MIGHTY WALKING POWER RANGERS. Geddit? (Don't worry we left our weapons at home).

Battersea Power Station

The Start

A quick Pit Stop

20 Jun 2012

Watch It!

7 Jun 2012

Say Chiizu!

Current obsession... Mr Chiizu photo app on iPhone.

It makes all photos look like you're in one of those Japanese Purikura photo booths.

It's an app that is not taking itself too seriously and is just about having fun. With lots of different themes (fast food is my fave) I reckon there is lots of scope for this app to team up with different illustrators and create some more crazy themes.

Anyway, I'm off to create more ridiculous photos I can use as my profile pic on Facebook.

26 May 2012

Plain Jane is not in right now...

I'm partial to bright colours and prints, especially when they appear on my favourite items of clothing - a blazer, boyfriend jeans, and an oversize shirt.

The following items are currently in my 'Saved Items' list on ASOS...

 ASOS Throw On Pyjama Blazer, £50
ASOS Hawaiian Print Boyfriend Jeans, £35
ASOS Hawaiian Print Shirt Dress, £26

Clearly I wouldn't wear all of these together, that would just be mental. I'm going for summer casual, not crazy.

24 May 2012

Bobbi, Meet Chanel

Hey face, meet your maker. Errrr, actually I mean meet your make-up.

I'm a sucker for nice packaging and fancy claims when it comes to beauty products, but if my skin actually likes it, then I am in and end up being very loyal.

However, sometimes my monogamous relationships are put to the test.

I've been using Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation in Warm Natural for a while now, but have always been tempted by the good things I'd heard about Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. When my Bobbi Brown foundation finished the other day, I thought now was my chance to try something new.

So, I'm about to cheat on Bobbi with Chanel.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (B50 - Beige Sienne) / Bobbi Brown Skin (Warm Natural)

Despite the difference in bottle size, they are both 30ml, both have SPF 15, and both claim to leave a finish as real as natural skin, sounds good right?Finally, there is just £2 difference in price: Bobbi = £29 and Chanel = £31.

Today was the first day of using Vitalumiere, and I must say it's lived up to the hype... so far.

I applied it with fingers (as recommended) and it quickly became a second skin, an extremely natural coverage that has lasted all day. It evened out my skintone, but didn't really cover my dark circles. I wasn't really expecting it to, so I wasn't disappointed by it. I suppose I just need to try and get to bed earlier to tackle those.

I've heard from a few people who use Vitalumiere that it lasts ages, which is reassuring to know as I was a bit concerned by the small bottle. I wear foundation everyday, even though I am trying to wean myself off this practice. We'll see how that pans out.

As much as I liked the effect of wearing it today, I think it needs a few more uses before I can decide on who I'll be sticking with.


I Watched The Throne!

I was lucky enough to go and see the legend that is Jay-Z and the talent that is Kanye West, perform live for the last night of Watch The Throne at the O2 courtesy of my very generous Husband.

All I can say is... my mind was blown!

It was hit after hit and the place was loving it.

I don't know why, maybe it was the excitement, but the thought of bringing my camera totally slipped my mind. As a result I've only got a few blur-o-vision pics that I was able to take with my iPhone and jazzed up with a few apps in an attempt to recreate the Ni**as in Paris video.

I could watch them perform all over again. Until I am lucky enough to see them again, I'll just make do with the video...


22 May 2012

I'm Back Y'All!

Did you miss me? I've decided I've missed writing on here, so I'm back! I've given the blog a little make-over - a colourful new header and some handy social icons over there on where else you can follow me, a nice little contents section, and whatnot.

Older posts may appear a bit weird now layout wise and the pics maybe all small. If I get some spare time I may fix them, if not think of them as little quirks.

So, lets see what I'll write about, I can't promise it will be award winning stuff or anything but I'll  be happy to have you for company.

Another new addition... you can follow my blog with Bloglovin. Hurrah!